Drunk cop who injured woman in crash found not guilty

The amazing thing is that there was a DA with enough guts and integrity to press charges in the first place. Tip of the cap to him/her for at least trying.


I guess you probably just want to state your not one of the orange baby’s troopers
and I know “fuck” is used non-sexualy for cursing on everything in English, but along with explicit
mentioning of a “dick” and a male-on-male context (the cop and Trump, the judge was a woman, which isn’t specified in the BB excerpt) I think you’re taking this in the wrong direction.
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Sounds like what the judge is saying is there was no probable cause for the test in the first place. Perhaps what we need is to mandate BAC testing for all injury accidents.

So you are saying that the system protects their own, crazy talk.


Not if you fear for your life. Right? Isn’t that how this works?

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First off, if he admitted to drinking 2 beers (which the article said he DID) it sure as heck is probable cause for a BAC check!!! At least in any jurisdiction I know of, field sobriety test or no.

Another question would be did the drunk cop consent to the BAC? If so, it doesn’t matter if the officers on scene had probable cause, does it? Wouldn’t matter for a regular citizen - that’s why you refuse searches when asked. (Breathalyzer tests often have special rules though, IANAL)

(Or he could raise the argument that he was too intoxicated for his consent to be valid… oh wait… )

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Ianal. I am not American.

Is this the ‘unnessecary search and seizure’ clause in play?
Here in the UK I think it’s routine to breathalyse in every accident, which would have made things simpler.

A Police State can mean more than simply aggressive and repressive law enforcement; it can also mean special privileges for the enforcers. Another step into the American Police State.

Rare HD dril footage :100:

In PA it’s “too fast for conditions” and judges know it’s code for “I played legal beagle with an otherwise reasonable state trooper”. It’s intended for situations like rain, fog, backed up traffic but is basically the “disorderly conduct” of moving violations

LaIssez les bonSs temps rouleR

That too!

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