Drunk or not? Get the BACtrack Trace Professional Breathalyzer for 38% off

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How about, if you’re even wondering, don’t drive anyway?


Seems like a novelty purchase. People who drink enough to actually justify this have either got their shit together where they don’t need it or they don’t have their shit together in which case they would probably not use the device.

Maybe if I hosted alcohol parties and was concerned about liability for departing guests, but I feel like that’s a stretch.


so, if you fail and drive anyway, does this thing allow the cyberpolice to backtrace you?


Every time somebody buys one of these, the “How high can I get my BAC?” game gets played.

It’s a game that nobody wins.


That’s BACtracert.


Yup. Plus in some jurisdictions you can be prosecuted for DUI even if you are under the legal BA limit, so getting obsessed with BA levels is a bit pointless.

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Not if you buy this VPN!


It would be more helpful in my neck of the woods if it also detected THC levels.

There’s a coupon available for like, seven firewalls, too.


A game where you can, at best, only lose last.

How does that work? If you can be prosecuted below the limit, then it’s not the limit. Maybe the real limit is zero?

Here in Germany the absolute alcohol limit for drivers is 1.1 ‰ (i.e. a criminal offence), > 0.5 ‰ is still illegal, but only defined as regulatory offense.

And then there’s a third limit: 0.3 ‰. Not written law but mostly derived from well-tested case law and can lead to a sentence when combined with other issues (road accidents, unsafe driving etc).

The marginally safer version is “guess your BAC”.

I once had a psychopharmacology professor estimating himself at 0.04 when he was actually at 0.11.

I hope they’re triple-encrypted, or I’ll be through them like grass through a goose.

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[quote=“noahdjango, post:4, topic:77168”]so, if you fail and drive anyway, does this thing allow the cyberpolice to backtrace you?[/quote]To learn how to avoid being backtraced by the cyberpolice, buy the special Driving Awareness courseware bundle at 96% today!

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In many places, the police can choose to use a FST (Field Sobriety Test) in place of a breathalyzer test. Failing it will land you in the hoosegow.

I have something similar, and I bring it out at parties, partly for the “guess your BAC” game, but I have used it for the “Oh, you’re driving and had more than one drink? Hey, guess your BAC!” game. Which lead to guests waiting for an hour before they could win that particular game.

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The reality is you can be convicted of DUI even if you are below the legal limit. Happens all the time in Oregon.
Just get a ride or take a taxi its not worth the $10,000 to $15,000 in fines and fees.