Drunk History about Jack Parsons, rocket pioneer and occultist

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When it came to a quiff, Jack Parsons knew how to rock it.

Jake Arnott wrote a book about Parsons et al, but nt sadly it’s not as good as his other efforts.

Something True is absolutely one of my favorite podcasts, with fall-through-the-cracks history stories beautifully written by Duncan Fyfe and wickedly spoken by Alex Ashby.

Their season one finale was all about Jack Parsons and I find it brilliant.

The episodes are neither too long nor too short, though I think this may be the longest of them.

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This video is not available from my location.

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Too bad, it’s hilarious. And objectively true, I’m sure.

Parsons partly features in a historic novel of rocketry, spaceflight & ufos for $9 on Amazon: “ALL UP: Odyssey of the Rocketmen”

He looks like a cross between a 50s, low-budget movie lover/bad boy and an 80s rock idol novelty/parody. I think John Waters would approve.

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It’s the great firewall of America.

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I thought it was Ed Wood before I read the caption.

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Can BoingBoing stop posting videos restricted to 'Murca for fucking once?


The Parsons-Gates administration building at Caltech has a lot of weirrrrd architectural details. It was explained to me at some point that the longtime view of California as cuckoo derives from Parson and his friends.


On the one hand, there was Jack Parsons, a follower of the satanist Aleister Crowley, who was trying to create titanic explosions. On the other hand, other scientists not that far away were also trying to create titanic explosions based on the theories of Albert Einstein, a follower of the uncompromising monotheist Baruch Spinoza.

I think God won that round. God’s explosions outclassed Satan’s.

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