Ridley Scott to produce miniseries on rocket scientist, occultist Jack Parsons


Israel likes to hint that they got all their nuclear bomb technology from the French, but Parsons is also a prime suspect. Parsons’ death is a subject of controversy, too - there’s really no way of telling if it was accident, suicide or murder (semi-plausible claims for all three have been made). Looking forward to the film!

I don’t see how Parsons would have any nuclear bomb secrets to give – he wasn’t involved with the nuclear program at all (although some of his ideas were later used in the development of the ICBM rockets themselves). Unless nuclear bombs don’t actually work in the chain reaction we’ve been told and in fact involve unleashing a bound demon which Parsons would know about via his occult interests…

The only question is, who will they get to play Crowley?

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The Marvel is a great webcomic about Jack Parsons by Richard Carbonneau & Robin Simon.

Yeah, that’s one of the arguments against Parsons as the Israeli source. Although, honestly, designing a nuclear bomb would be pretty easy for someone of his accomplishments. A reliable guided or targeted delivery system is actually quite a bit harder to build than a nuclear payload is, and personally I’ve never met a rocket scientist who didn’t know enough to build a simple nuke.

Disclaimer: I used to be in the rocketry biz, and have worked on ICBMs among other similar things. But Parsons is well before my time… my father might have known him.


Actually the book mentions that Parsons was good friends with a member of the Manhattan Project and invited him to live in his Pasadena mansion/palace of earthly delights for a while. Who knows what conversations arose after a puff or two on the opium pipe…

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a better question may be who will play L Ron Hubbard?

I vote for Toby Jones.

Has anyone here read ‘Sex and Rockets’ as well as ‘Strange Angel’? I’ve read neither, and would welcome a recommendation.

Mark Strong.

Yes, that could be the interesting thing. And how far they go with the “L Ron Hubbard was a conman who screwed over Parsons into poverty” plotline, given the influence of the guys LRH seeded these days…

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Strange Angel is the one for sure. Very good writing as well as sound research and facts. Most importantly though, George does an excellent job of connecting the scientist and occultist sides of Parsons. He treats them as complimentary of each other instead of taking the easy out and looking at them as two polar opposites that never intersect.

Sex and Rockets was a total hatchet job on Parsons. Writing is amateur and he goes into it with a clear anti-Parsons, pro-Crowley agenda. His understanding of the science side of things is very poor unlike George Pendle. The only plus side, IMHO, with Sex and Rockets was the insight it gives into Thelema and Enochian magick rituals. He is well versed in both and it shows.

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I hope Ridley doesn’t chicken out and gloss over Hubbard or give him a sympathetic treatment. He doesn’t have anything to fear from Scientology these days. While still petty and litigious that beast has been largely defanged thanks to the internet. It would be hilarious if he somehow worked in the Scientology party line that Hubbard was there as an undercover secret agent sent by the US govt to bust a ring of secret occultist nuclear scientists, lol. Sure Ron, whatever you say.

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