Duchess Kate’s pregnancy and World War III in this week’s dubious tabloids

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I’m in Boston MA. How deep does my bunker have to be if the Iranians launch their entire nuclear arsenal at the lower east side of Manhattan NY?

To be fair, I gather it can be difficult to get hold of a packet of Hobnobs in the US.

But, you’re right, if he’s like most Brit ex-pats, it’ll be things like Branston pickle, Monster Munch and ‘proper fish and chips with mushy peas’ he’ll miss most.

So just time that holiday in Cancun you’ve been wanting to take anyway a little bit more carefully than you’d have done otherwise, and everything will be just fine.

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Poe? Man, I don’t even know anymore :man_shrugging:

And why would they spy on their own kind?

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