Duck Duck Go search engine founder talks about data privacy [video] [Video Link] Mark Hurst, founder of the Gel conference, says. “Duck Duck Go founder Gabriel Weinberg gave a great talk (about his search engine, and Google’s practices that people may not know about) at Gel.” This 15-minute talk is full of eye-opening stuff. Every year, more lawyers are requesting users’ Google records for court… READ THE REST

Duck Duck Go is pretty slick. Check out to see some of the interesting things you can do with their search.

I used to check in with it and use it just occasionally, but interestingly, with Google shutting down Google Reader a few days ago and their iGoogle homepage in November, they’ve inadvertently pushed me away from using Google Search as well. I was living in the Google Bubble, but now that they are closing my most used services I’ve cobbled something together at , set my browsers and ighome home page to use DDG, and in general have just been forced to re-evaluate my web habits. Before you know it, I’ll be using S/MIME or PGP mail with friends just for the hell of it.

DuckDuckGo is very cool, esp. the goodies benjaminterry mentions. is also good if you want actually Google-results (essentially like the now-defunct Scroogle), as for more complex searches Google still delivers better results (in my experience).

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i should have thought of it sooner, but after watching that video, I switched the default browser in my firefox address bar over from google to ddg.

thanks @emacsomancer for preemptively answering my question about the dif between startpage and ddg.

I think we’ve learned one thing in last weeks: American company = no privacy.

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