Dune author Franker Herbert on mushrooms



“Bless the Maker and His water.
Bless the coming and going of Him.
May His passage cleanse the world.
May He keep the world for His people. ”


Old news: http://gadgets.boingboing.net/2008/04/04/the-unsurprising-psy.html


Oooh, good memory! Thanks!

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This surprises me zero percent, but pretty cool to have this confirmed!

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Had to click to find out if this was

  • Frank Herbert writing on the subject of mushrooms in the botany sense
  • Frank Herbert writing on the subject of mushrooms in the psychedelic sense
  • Frank Herbert under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms

Or even possibly

  • Herbert the postal worker who franks stamps (any of the above)
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Nonsense, he franks Dune authors, is that unclear?

I always thought the Bene Gesserit were thinly-veiled Jesuits, who are, after all, the Secret Puppet Masters.

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You sir are technically correct which is the best kind of correct!

Ahh, that makes sense now. I’ve been wondering about the relative ambiguity of the Herberts and which one was the most straightforward.

I find the concept of a secret population of Jesuit attack concubines, sent to infiltrate noble houses as part of a millenia-long secret breeding project, equal parts hilarious and disturbing…

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Magic mushrooms may explain Frank Herbert, but what explains David Lynch?

Lots and lots of coffee.

I believe Herbert’s son also covers some of this ground, albeit briefly, in his foreword to the latest paperback edition of Dune. I’d seen the Lynch movie years ago and had nearly no sense of what the hell was happening, but I finally picked up the book and Wow! His coverage of politics and extremism is fascinating, and I’ll paraphrase other comments here to say that the link between his storytelling and hallucinogenics seems pretty clear to me. Great read.

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