Sex Nun of Dune


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This looks like a Liartown USA job.


Fake, but fairly accurate.


Beschizza, Frazetta, whatever.


Misprint? It was supposed to say:
“Sex? None on Dune”

Sand gets everywhere. :slight_smile:


Honored Matres, basically.



Came for the jokes about “spicing” up your sex lives, left disappointed…


I guess Spice isn’t the commodity that it used to be…


Sure, I’d read that!

Well, I’d skim it to look for the juicy parts anyway.



I dunno…I usually get hate for this, but I think the series really went to shit after Psychic Biomechanical Worm Hats of Dune.


Dune / Gor mash-up DO NOT WANT.


I remember finding myself with a group of people in a science fiction bookshop in London in the 1970s when this exact issue came up.

Among the suggestions, which need a knowledge of cockney argot:

Worm Powder of Gor
Gor Blimey it’s the Messiah
Oh my Gord it’s Jihad

And the shark jumping Herbie remake for kids - Buggies of Dune.

(And I forgot - the ultimate mashup book - Dune Emperor of Gor-menghast.]


Someone should do a ‘Life of Brian’ style parallel-story/satire of Dune.


Dune managed to be a book in which almost all of the main characters were equally unpleasant. But, given its plot, I’m surprised that the FBI isn’t out checking on people who bought it to see if they are radicalised Islamists - the main plot is already a parallel telling of the Mohammed story.


That’s why I don’t like it. Also, because it’s coarse, and rough, and irritating.


“He is NOT the Kwisatz Haderach, he is a very naughty boy!”


Haha, yeah totally!


I think all writers go through periods where they look up from their typewriters and realize a decade has passed, where they haven’t actually had a conversation with someone of their preferred gender outside of their heads.