"During the arrest his health deteriorated" - activist dies after police beating

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Whatever sympathy we have for the plight of the Palestinian people, there’s no doubt they’re currently saddled with corrupt, repressive, and violent governments within both of their territories. I hope that in death, as in life, Mr. Banat helps inspire the replacement the Palestinian Authority’s garbage “leadership”.


To be fair, they could say the same about us.

But their leadership is not helping, it’s true.


“During the arrest his health deteriorated”

He fell repeatedly on to a shoe that happened to be moving, which resulted in him being kicked, a lot.


On a recent Pod Save the World, Yair Rosenberg was on to talk about the weird coalition gov’t that was formed to oust Netanyahu and went into some detail on the Palestinian Authority’s corruption and uselessness. Basically, they haven’t held presidential elections in 16 years because doing so would likely mean that Hamas emerges as the dominant power and all hell breaks loose. It’s a humanitarian horror for the Palestinians as well as an administrative one. He actually gave me a glimmer of hope for the coalition government, but even best-case scenario is a far sight from a two state solution or anything that would resemble true self-rule for Palestine.

As always, I’d like to point out how the powers that created this situation (looking at you, UK) aren’t even pretending to be a part of the solution and have completely washed their hands of the devastation they left as their silly little empire crumbled.

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@beschizza Is the mistake in the link to ‘mistakes were made’ an intentional joke or just a typo?
(its missing an ‘e’ at the end, in case it wasn’t intentional. Funny either way)


Worth once again pointing out that support for the Palestinian people does not equal support for their rulers, nor does criticism of the Israeli government equal antisemitism. Human rights are for humans, and if your politics require you to dehumanize certain humans, you need to reexamine your politics. (To be clear, general statement, not criticizing the author or commenters here.)




This answer is both specific and ambiguous.
Well done.


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