Early Wizard of Oz script


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When I finally read the original, my biggest surprise was that the change from black and white to color was there in the book.

It describes the prairies and Aunt Em has having been turned to gray by the sun.


Remember that there were several OZ movies before the MGM version. B&W, silent productions done with Baum’s involvement. I have never seen them; I understand that they are rather slapsticky.

And there have been three live-action movies, two cartoon series, and one CGI cartoon feature since then. Maybe more . . . I understand that a serial-numbers-filed-off version of Oz was big in Soviet era Russia. I bet some movies emerged from that.

Don’t forget Broadway!

Here’s a link to the 1910 silent edition of it. No idea how much silent film you’ve seen, so basically just remember that it’s all done as though everyone is pantomiming every action - even marching looks like “we are marching, watch us march!”

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