Of Oz the Wizard: all the dialog in alphabetical order

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Oddly this movie torments some people, hence the repeated ad nauseam adaptations.

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I don’t envy the editor having to distinguish between “which” and “witch”.


This is not good. This is bad. Bad, bad, bad.

But the credits are kind of hilarious.

What did they do with the wordless bits? I couldn’t bear to watch.


I liked Star Wars better, but this was entertaining too.

I watched through “aaiee” before skipping ahead to look for “because”.


Can they remix Dark Side of the Moon to match it?


I’m pretty sure that’s what this is…

They let the wordless bits just play out wordlessly, following the last spoken word. Kind of disappointing, actually. I kept hoping for some kind of phonetic translation of the background music.

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But Y?

The credits were good, although I question the use of 2 columns for “Western Electric Sound System” being rendered as “Western Sound Electric System” when the original very obviously was to be read as two rows.

The "a"s were annoying, but after I jumped ahead to the "c"s I liked it.

I suppose it wouldn’t be the same if they had alphabetized contiguous sentences? Which I would have liked.

I am reminded of Strain Andromeda The from the antedeluvian pre-www days.

It should. Much of Baum’s works are fever-dream-like not just because of the settings, but even how characters talk and behave. Even back in Kansas, Baum’s world is one filled with people with weirdly stilted dialog.

While the Wizard of Oz is a classic story worth being retold, the Oz books were the Harry Potter books of their day. I’ve only read a handful, but there’s 18 of them. I much prefer “Return to Oz” to the Judy Garland film, but even that maintains the mix of vibrant colors and wonder with dark colors and themes.

I recently learned another strange fever-dream-like film I watched as a kid is also based on Baum’s writings:

Yeah, I know the guy who did this. It’s so fitting. As in fits of madness! He’s cool, though.

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