Earth just experienced hottest June ever recorded

Well, I’m not really enjoying the 46 degree temps this week, but on the other hand the winds have given me a reprieve from the 20-degree dew points (currently hovering around 3 degrees).

And for this neighborhood (SW USA), a blockbuster El Nino generally means LOTS of snow. And I just retired so I can ski damn near every day while it lasts!

And yes, I realize that this spectacularly sucks for a lot of people. But my being miserable won’t help them, so I may as well enjoy the good it does – and the Southwest truly, desperately needs the water.

Yes, we do. But for whatever reason we also have far more than our share of denialists who don’t seem to grasp the fact that the engineering curriculum does not graduate experts on climate or climate modelling.

“As you can see, this map represents the recorded temperature in Portugal, relative to the average (anomalies).”

No, that map claims to be the “anomalies of maximum air temperature.” As I understand it, that is an entirely different proposition. If location A has an overall average of 80 degrees in June, and had an average high temperature of 95 degrees, but this year averaged 83 degrees with a high temperature of 93 degrees, it would show up as “cooler” on that map, when in fact it was anything but.

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