World sea surface temperature record broken

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It’s not so much the degree to which the record was broken, but the amount of deviation from previous norms that should grab attention. The southern hemisphere summer should have more effect on average temp than northern, just due to more ocean surface in the global south. I fear where we are going.


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It’s not like we had a clue this was likely to happen! I mean the world’s temp has been high before. Totally normal. No need to worry. In any case, we’ll all be dead long before anything really bad happens so screw the future, amiright? /s

Unfortunately, I read exactly these kinds of comments from deniers. It’s sad.


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Better get used to that headline, we’re going to be seeing it with ever-increasing frequency for a while.


Enter the Sous Vide Epoch.


and apparently it’s already really hot this winter of theirs

It is deep winter in Antarctica, the time of year that the continent is shrouded in darkness and surrounded by millions of square miles of frozen ocean.

But this year there is a lot less sea ice than ever recorded before
As of late June, almost a million square miles of ice was missing from the ocean around Antarctica. It’s the smallest amount of ice ever measured around the continent since 1979, when satellites allowed scientists to track such events annually.


Ok, the seas boiling is not something I wanna witness!

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Don’t forget the people who then add “Well in the 70s the news just freaked out about global cooling so why should I believe all this?!”… who are also in the middle of a literal heat emergency with a month straight of record temps and have a “well if I’m gonna die from all this that’s God’s will” attitude.


the water here on the reef is miserable and it will kill the coral if it continues. [Narrator: it will continue]
Cheeca Rocks is (was) a gorgeous reef just off Islamorada. NOAA reports it is 100% bleached.

that was a favorite dive spot. i am witness to the dying of one of the world’s great barrier reefs. there are some concerted efforts to save what can be saved. this is beyond a tipping point, i believe, but i do not want to give up.


(mourns in Sailor)

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Thanks to the heat domes in North America and over continental Europe, we in the UK have been stuck under the jet stream. This has brought a series of Atlantic depressions across the country that would normally track far to the North. So we’ve had heavy rain, cold winds and endless leaden skies for about a month now.

Which means the climate deniers are all out shrieking that climate change is a myth, there is no heating crisis and we have nothing to worry about. Some of them probably coming back from the Mediterranean and Aegean which have been on fire.

Oh and because absolutely nothing works in this Randian nightmare of a country - despite 300% of normal rainfall, we still have water restrictions and our seas are a dilute shit soup.


information just keeps coming in RE: ocean surface temps and coral devastation -

So while satellites are measuring sea surface temperatures in the Florida Keys about five to seven degrees Fahrenheit higher than usual, a potentially deadly temperature for most corals, Manzello said temperatures at the sea floor could be two to four degrees hotter. Manzello said he’s verified this finding from temperature measurements taken by divers, some of whom say they can feel the change in temperature as they go deeper — an unusual “inverse thermocline” rather than the natural pattern of hotter water at the shallow surface and cooler water at the bottom.
as it turns out, the water in Florida Bay is really hot, shallow and saltier than normal. it becomes heavier due to the hypersalinity and sinks. the water then flows into the cooler Atlantic waters, sinks and blankets the coral reef in water that is hotter than the record high temps noted at the surface.
the reef can’t catch a break.


any idea what causes the hypersalinity? is it something like warmer water can hold more salt?

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Interesting explanation for this year’s ocean temp increase here:


my understanding is this: Florida Bay is very shallow (<4meters deep over very large area) and that evaporation is involved, leaving denser, saltier water to sink and then make way through the channels and cuts between the islands into the ocean.
Florida Bay is the outflow area of the Everglades and the natural cycles of water through the glades has been curtailed, leaving an altered water cycle that contributes to the warmer bay.
this is not natural and totally caused by us fucking around.
ETA - the bay is on the western side of the islands, the ocean to the east. most of the keys are less than a mile wide. the weather patterns this causes can be very strange, sometimes scary.


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