NOAA says 2018 was 4th warmest year on record, in an undeniable global warming trend


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I"m going to assume that the “much cooler than average” block next to Greenland is due to icemelt.


This clearly underestimates many Americans’ proclivity and proficiency for denial.


What do you mean “undeniable”, there are deniers in all the most powerful positions of the US government… [EDIT I see 0o_o0 said this already and more eloquently]




Theres blue on the map, therefore no global warming /s


I can already see the direction of the denial…

“It’s proven that 2018 was cooler than the three previous years. The peak of the heat was in 2016. 2017 was cooler than both 2016 and 2015. 2018 was even cooler. That sounds like a downward trend to me. What we need is more coal before it gets too cold.”


Just our fuckin luck that a large part of the USA has had average weather …


It’s the “undeniable” trend that plenty of people will deny. Which I suppose doesn’t make it any different from any other undeniable fact…

Oh Christ, yeah. When Arctic ice had an anomalously sparse year, when it bounced back slightly, that one year kept getting trotted out to “prove” that there was no trend with polar ice. Despite the fact that, discounting that one year, there was a very clear downward trend, where even on the first year it “bounced back,” it was still less than it had been all years previously, except the one.


Is this an example of global warming or global waming?:thinking:


This is fine.


But… but… It got really cold here for, like, 3 whole days last week!


an undeniable global warming trend




:thinking: indeed

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