Earth now way outside "safe operating space for humanity," says new report

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Things will come back into balance when climate change-induced human migration, loss of arable land, widespread crop failures and resource wars wipe out the majority of humanity. This will eventually drive the survivors back to a hunter-gatherer and agrarian culture with virtually none of the technological trappings of current society.
The good news is that I’ll have lived almost all of my natural life before this crap snuffs me. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


The latter half of the FAFO equation is about to commence


… at least there is no nuclear waste in the packaging of everything I have to buy every day :sob:


Then we’ll all get muscle cars and drive around all day looking for gasoline just like mad max.


sadly, nothing guarantees that. and the fact that biodiversity is decreasing so rapidly is alarming beyond our narrow self interest.

we seem to be lucky – statistically speaking – that life developed here at all. and it seems a much fragile thing than not. i personally believe it’s well within our capability to ruin the planet permanently.


See this is what has me really concerned. It would be one thing if we were all agreed that human caused climate change is real and we were all actively working to improve things. But we don’t and we aren’t. We have too many children in Congress who still want to pretend that this is either fake news, or it’s real news but not yet an emergency. Frankly, it was an emergency 50 years ago. Unless we can move past debating whether this is real or not, we’re fucked.


And use our fingers to gleefully scoop goodies out of containers… like DeSantis. I don’t like the Future.


Probably not any balance we would recognize. We’re wiping out other species at an extraordinary rate and if any of the long shot nightmare tipping points is real, we’re looking at a fundamentally different planet. I’m sure life will continue to exist, just because it seems remarkably difficult to remove all life, but anything resembling a stable balanced ecosystem could float out of range for a very long time.


How else to get one over the nasty cultural hump called Honesty. Don’t answer that!

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parasites - left unchecked - will eventually kill the host.


Well … not unless we literally reduce it to ash and that’s still a bit beyond us. If the Chicxulub asteroid couldn’t ruin it permanently, then we’re not going to do it either. Now that doesn’t mean life in the next geological period will look much like it does now, of course. Life adapts, even if humans (or possibly even mammals, et al) won’t be around to see any of it.


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How about, instead, we fix our shit, and work towards a solution together. CRAZY, I know, but it’s better than mass genocide.

It’s also genocidal thinking, and i"m a bit tired of that shit.

True, but it doesn’t mean we can’t.


I completely agree. Step 1, we have got to vote out Republicans en masse. I keep hoping we cross an inflection point and a ton of people who vote Republican out of habit realize the GOP is an unfixable mess. Fingers crossed.


Yep, absolutely correct about the GOP… I don’t think it’s just the GOP, though that’s the problem, as we can see from this thread… plenty of people are just willing to let shit fall apart rather than work on solutions with the rest of humanity.

Giving up and letting billions of our fellow humans die due to our own unwillingness to do something should NOT be the answer. We’ve put people on the moon, FFS. People forget just how complicated that was… if we can do that, we can fix this, or at very least mitigate some of the worst problems caused by climate change and get us moving in the right direction towards a sustainable society.

And yeah, no one said it was going to be easy, but we can figure this shit out if people are willing to stop acting like it’s not worth their time.


The people with the power don’t want to save everyone else.

There are always excuses, like cost. But not for weapons…
Money is bullshit. We don’t even need to shake the billionaires until all the change falls out.

We, as a species, have some amazing technology, and still have lots of resources.
Shit, just planting trees again would help!
It’s maybe a thousand or so greedy people holding back billions of others. We could move forward, but still we fight and squabble and distrust our neighbours - which is stupid, as there’s only one rock to live on.

We don’t need flying autonomous cars and a moonbase, we need water and universal healthcare, bodily autonomy and safe shelter.
It’s still possible, but nobody wants to be first, because they’re scared somebody else will take advantage; apparently, saving mankind looks weak.

I want to live in the world where we at least try to sort this out.