Earwigs' incredible "origami" wings inspire robotic gripper design

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/22/earwigs-incredible-origami.html

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wait, wait, wait – THEY HAVE WINGS?? are they just selective about using them, or only certain kinds in certain areas, or something? because i have never ever seen wings on those horrorshows. now i have brand new nightmare fuel, thanks a lot.


Why is the guy who’s working the origami gripper wearing gloves. Oh. I get it. Science!

According to new research, the folds “cannot be sufficiently described by current origami models.”

Go on, say they cannot be explained by science. It’s so much more fun!

@hecep You don’t know where that origami has been.

A bit of irony, with the Japanese likely being among the cleanest people around; I have Japanese friends in Costa Mesa, and I always bring my own slippers.

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