EA's Tone Deaf ko to Dungeon Keeper Paywall Criticisms

Meant to be played in half hour bursts. Right.

  • I start game.
  • Check to see imp progress on current jobs.
  • Slap Imps.
  • Use current critters on raid which takes at most a couple minutes and is actually fun.
  • If imps are close to being done wait, if I have money hire critters out that might be ready in a half hour or longer.
  • When/if imp is avalible either rearrange dungeon or reset a few of the one time use traps. Note, there are three single use traps, they are a minority.
  • Exit game, do other things til it tells me to slap imps or my critters are ready to raid.
  • Repeat step one.

Trouble is the fact I have to set the game aside before I can continue on is brushed aside. A good game pulls you in, not tells you to come back tomorrow when a rock is mined. That is not something that pulls the audience in and should not be excused.

More importantly is a question not asked. Why not offer a way in game to allow players to pay one time for the full experience?

Example: let the demo timer based period involve getting up through level five. That gives you a rough weekish of gameplay, or at least it did me. You can then choose to either deal with the current timers and payout or a one time reasonable amount.

As for 'our game is sitting on four stars’;have you read the reviews? Many of the five star ‘reviews’ are empty because an in game ‘rate this game’ popup heavily implies you get goodies for those five stars.

The answers to the questions look generic and canned. I do not trust game journalism to be more than paid for PR, but you can’t force someone to give a straight answer no matter how often you ask.

Sad thing is I want to be a customer. I want to give these guys money because under the in-app idiocy is a pretty fun game. It’s almost like I’m not who they’re aiming at and instead want the guy with a gambling problem to pay in constantly.

Also it does not help that their first post launch update caused several timers to get longer. This is after they heard multiple complaints about how the micro-transactions were out of hand.

Lot of talk on the official forum. Not sure if it will do any good, but have to try right? There are enough people to subsidize this sort of nonsense but is it because they don’t realize there are better ways?

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EA has been tone-deaf to criticism for it’s myriad awfulnesses for years. I’d be surprised if anything short of airstrikes would make them give a flying fuck.


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