Easy Electronics book is an excellent introduction to electronics

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I’ve taught a number of beginning electronics classes and one of the biggest tripping points is getting people to understand how breadboards work, and how to use them properly to make connections. It seems so simple (and it is once you get it), but if students gloss over fully understanding them and how they are laid out, they end up struggling with the actual electronic circuits part. And also inevitably blow up LEDs or make glow wires when they short out batteries.


Are you talking about solderless or traditional breadboards?

I could see them getting confused with solderless ones where you can’t see the actual traces connecting the holes. Maybe the trick is to go with soldered ones.

Yes the solderless ones. At one point I resorted to pulling one apart to show how they are constructed to try and give students a better visual of how the connections are being made. Without that visual, it’s difficult for them to understand the actual circuit they are building, and they walk away still thinking it’s magic.

Another option I found for teaching electronics that I really like are the Elenco snap circuit kits. They are like legos for electronics, and an improvement over the 200-in-1 spring kit I learned on myself 40 years ago. They are also much less expensive than the littleBits kits.

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