Easy to build self-watering containers

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I imagine these would work better than the 5 gal buckets I’ve used. Most garden plants are massive and need a large root structure to really reach a point where they can effectively continue fruiting.


i think i’ve watched this guy’s videos (and even this video) before. he’s a funny guy, and he’s good at explaining the process.


I don’t think I saw a reason to container garden. Especially given the large greenhouse he was assembling them in. I can understand needing to container garden in apartments/small lots/rentals. What am I missing?

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They work better and require less attention. He didn’t want to water more than once a week, IIRC.


I wonder if I can get one of those things that will water my non self-watering container

You mean a gardener?

“I’ll set out here and talk to you as long as you want about this. 'Til bedtime anyway…”

I like him.

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