eBay seller's commercial for 1996 used Honda went viral and drove up bids


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My Corolla is half as old, but with double the milage. Does that make it a wash price-wise at $500? It won’t die, so I’m just going to keep going until Toyota shows up at my house with a set of keys to my new car.


That was amazing!
I don’t follow ebay. Is it safe to assume that a commercial on ebay is highly unusual?


I’m not interested in the car, but I could maybe give that cat a good home.


I have no idea about ebay’s used car section, but in other areas of the site, yeah, videos showing off the item being sold are unusual. Even when the opening bid is high enough to justify some extra effort.


I’d say eBay owes these folks at least $145k.


Yeah, what the hell?! I’m sure eBay is covered in their eula or whatever but that is complete bullshit.


Read the fine print, buddy. “Cat and coffeepot not included.”


The video is unusual, but what’s not unusual is people making an amusing item listing to drive up the price.

This one comes to mind:

But there’s also been a cottage industry of “Haunted Items”, which basically are crap with a half-assed ghost story attached to them and selling for $10 - $20 instead of the $2 trinket that it is.


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