eBay's marketplace of "haunted" crap


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I’m pretty sure that this place is haunted:


I’ve been noticing this “Haunted Ebay” trend for a long time with some interest.

It’s opportunistic and exploitative, true. But it also rewards people that can tell a good yarn.

Also related, there’s been a number of wedding dress auctions to have gone viral with some crazed back story about a man wronged by his ex-wife, so he poses himself in the (awful) dress in order to sell something beloved of hers.

Pretttttyyy sure after the first time, those same people were paying attention. Although a rash of crossdressing brides would probably set off people’s BS detectors quite a bit more than ‘Haunted’ items. I am guessing that’s why it never caught on as a thing.


Many of the items even come packed in “ghost turds”. They can haunt your flat for years!


The question is how much should we protect people who actively choose to be stupid?


Well that all sounds completely legit.


While we’re sharing tips, “quack medicine” is also a very fun zone on eBay.


In much the same way that flat-pack furniture gives one the satisfaction of having “built” something oneself, performing the exorcism yourself is so much more satisfying than buying mass-manufactured ghost-free items from the store.


Say what you will, but the haunted toilet I bought scares the shit out of me!


At leas those auctions usually admit it’s quack medicine and therefore won’t do much.


That reminds me. Last night at the pharmacy I found this little gem in a “folk medicine” display:

Literally Snakeoil. I nudged one of the shelf stockers, and had to ask “did you know you sell snakeoil here?” and pointed out the jar. He shrugged and nonchalantly replied “we also sell homeopathic wart remover, and powerbalance bracelets. If the store manager could refuse to sell what corporate tells us, then we wouldn’t sell that crap.”

It'll cure what ails ya

Also known as “angel shit.”


I should open an ebay store to sell certified PKE meters so that people can do a scientific test on allegedly haunted items instead of relying on dodgy subjective descriptions.
Seems like there is already a strong market for woo-metering.



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