It'll cure what ails ya

Continuing the discussion from eBay's marketplace of "haunted" crap:

I found this on a shelf in a local chain pharmacy. The shelf appeared to be dedicated to Spanish language products. Some of them were “folk medicine”, a lot of the stuff was just normal stuff but with Mexican branding (for example combination acetaminophen + aspirin + caffeine labeled as “Dolobeza”)

I’m creating this thread for everyone to post photos and details of the hokiest garbage medicine you’ve ever come across! Stuff that should be illegal, but isn’t. The frauds, the fairy dust, and the rare bifurcated rhino horn powder.

Let’s say that homeopathy doesn’t count (because pharmacies are crammed full of homeopathic bullshit and would make this too easy) unless it’s got a ridiculous ingredient (I once saw “moonlight”), or claims to cure a ridiculous ailment (for instance “head pigeons”).

Let’s get cracking! The whackier the better!


I did see something like this at CVS a while ago. Not this weird, but in the “err, is this legit medicine?” category. Also appeared to be of Latin American origin.

But then there is a fine line, sometimes:

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Airborne? That’s 100% dietary supplement. Even with the DHSEA and Orrin Hatch’s perfidious alternative medicine shilling, it’s still completely illegal for them to make specific claims of efficacy and are limited to only making structure-function claims.

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