Echo Dot for $40

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Echo Dot link in the article is broken. Here it is for a penny less, $39.99.

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+1, these things are awesome. And plus there’s the interesting phenomenon of how everyone eventually yells at the thing to get it to do what they want, since using a bossy voice is more easily understood by robots. It keeps bringing up the ethical question in our house of, is there any reason to be nice to robots?


Since I assume Jeff Bezos is listening, I always thank Alexa when she answers a question. I wouldn’t want a rude word to delay my next delivery after all.


I preordered my Dots when @frauenfelder mentioned them going for $50 (I only got two … I don’t even have six rooms in my house, Amazon). I mostly use them to set timers when I’m cooking but they’re also great for music when I’m taking a bubble bath. I have a USB battery I plug one into and then carry it into the bathroom.

It’s silly but it’s also great because I don’t have to worry about getting suds on it if something terrible comes up on the station. That’s pretty much all I use them for and I still think it’s a good deal.


Super. Gonna get one and use it to order more dash buttons.

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