Echochamber, an illusory comment form for your website


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You're not even willing to engage in rational debate on the subject, are you?


Well, it seems perfect for Rob…


LOL the PC police are at it again. Ever heard of the first amendment?


I could see particular value in using this as a soft-ban system in conjunction with Disqus.


What a bunch of racist dickbags. Why should I expect any better from a bunch of political nuts like you?


Whatever, ur fat!


Isn’t this how Facebook works?


My last pay check was $ 9500 working 10 hours a week online. My Friend’s has been averaging 14k for months now and she works about 21 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out



God damn it. I took a few minutes to clear my browsing history only to come back to find you bastards have deleted all my comments AGAIN! What’s the matter? Scared of the truth???



Psssh, Thanks, Obama! Guh.



On the surface, this seems similar to what Hacker News tried to do with their “shadowbanning” and “hellbanning” features. However, as most observers note, that didn’t work. What did work was tried-and-true moderation.

Valleywag has a good writeup of the changes.


We like our pretty Dragon. @Falcor



Anyone notice that The Verge disabled their comments recently? Probably for the best.


(post withdrawn by t̪̯͉͖͒͌̅ͣͭ̚h͎ͩ̊̏͛͌eͧ̽̄ͭͫ̈͠ ͇̳͍̓̉̿̇h̫̝ͣ̂i̩̥͎̱̬̻̝͆̉vͧ̆̚eͦ̑-́̾̂m͑ͥ͆̃̋ͣ͑͘i̙̮̞̠̳͍ͪ̄n̮͓̠̥̟̭ͬdͫ̉͊̏ͣ҉̘̳͓̰̬, will be automatically deleted in 1̨̣̖ͩ̍̓̎̑͑̎9̰̰̞̭ͫ͛̍́8͚̥̥͙̫̯̞̏͛̿̊̂͞7͛ͬ͌͏̟̤ͅ unless flagged)


The Verge’s comments were a lot like newspaper comments. The mid-2000s media attitude of “as long as it isn’t swearing or threatening to kill someone, all this seething contempt is just fine”


Democratizing the CEO experience.



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