Ecuador embassy says Julian Assange is a sloppy housemate


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No woman would ever even consider pressing #metoo charges against the Lord Flashheart. #woof


Julian Assange, now giving master classes in exhausting the goodwill of even the most generous hosts.


“… and then, one morning, Julian awoke to discover that his housemates had moved out; taking his cat and his diplomatic protection with them.”


A man who likes his bathroom like he likes his cat; neglected.



is there any realistic hope to believe he might end up being personally “interviewed” by Mueller (where he’d really, really, want to cooperate)


It’s not like he has much of a choice. Welcomes wear out no matter how polite you are, and no one would have imagined that this wasteful miscarriage of justice would have persisted so long. This is a person who has done nothing wrong and has one of most powerful nations in the world set on making him suffer for no particular reason beyond the fact that he embarrassed them. This little piece on him being a “bad room mate” is pretty dumb when you step back to consider the actual facts of the situation. It’s just a petty insult “Julian Assange is a bad room mate and doesn’t clean his cats box often enough” Weeeeeeeeeooooooooooweeeeeeeeoooooooooweeeeeeooooooooo!

Ground breaking stuff.


In a shock surprise on Big Brother Ecuador, Assange’s cat sides with the ambassador to vote Assange out of the house.


Except for that alleged incident of rape in Sweden…

NEW: Ecuador is done with Julian Assange, won't help Wikileaks founder hide from British government

Sure, if you don’t believe that a foreign national giving a virtually priceless in-kind political contribution to a presidential candidate is wrong.


In-kind how exactly? He’s been rotting in an embassy for years so I fail to see how he’s benefitting. I presume you’re referring to the part where Wikileaks revealed that a major candidate had been circumventing democracy from the inside for years leading to her inevitable loss to a person who is arguable much worse but a part of a party does not care about the integrity of democracy. Sorry. She lost on her own merits. If she’d stepped out of the race when she should have we’d all be in a much better place right now. Now we have to focus on cleaning up the mess that she made. Wikileaks mission is a mission for the greater good. Governments have no right to keep secrets, and if they can’t keep their secrets well, they have no right persecute journalists, in fact they have no rights at all. Governments are legal constructs. They have no right to privacy. Transparency is in the best interests of a
functional democracy, the reason that Assange finds himself in this situation is because transparency is against the best interests of entrenched power.


And possible rape allegations…


That’s not how it works. He shared stolen PRIVATE property from a political campaign. You seem very confused about right and wrong.


The BBC just sinks lower and lower. The version of this story as I originally read it depicted the situation as more of a prison. Ecuador having complete control over every aspect of his existence, from whether he gets to keep a cat, who he can talk to, who can visit, what topics he can talk about online IF he is allowed to communicate with the world – having been totally cut off and in solitary confinement for the last 6 months. And the UN already ruled that what UK was doing was illegal.

But UK establishment press, while publishing all the stories Wikileaks coughs up, nevertheless mocks Assange like he’s a democratic socialist. The guy’s been smeared almost as much as Corbyn. And the BBC is one of the worst offenders. How many people have been updated about the FBI’s ‘rape’ allegations? Anyone even remember the Collatoral Murder video where the US helicopter blew away the Reuters journalists in Iraq? And then when the ambulance came they did a double tap to attack the rescuers? Remember? And they shot the crap out of the van with the school kids in it? Do we remember the war crimes or do we remember Assange’s alleged ‘toilet habits’?


If it was an actual embassy it wouldn’t have a Merry Maids sign out front.


@frauenfelder That choice of The Young Ones still is fucking brilliant!


Sweet summer child.


“Guests… like fish… begin to smell after three days.” (Benjamin Franklin)