NEW: Ecuador is done with Julian Assange, won't help Wikileaks founder hide from British government


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So does this mean they’ll physically escort him out, or just turn off the electricity/water and hope the issue “sorts itself out” office space style?


Adios Ass-mange.


This is what happens when you don’t take care of your cat.


Or in his case, refuse to take a bath.


This has CBS sitcom potential written all over it.

What happens when a down on his luck narcissist breaks up with the country shielding him from prosecution and the world’s most self-righteous couch-surfer has to ask Uncle Putin for a little help with the bills? Find out this fall with all new episodes of WackyLeaks to see who gives up their sources first!


Or, lengthy sit-down with Mueller team…


Or, lengthy sit-down with Putin concrete-boots team…


Julian’s end game isn’t one for the history books.


I think he’s such a goober that he’d admit to shooting JFK before he’d admit that he and WL were turned into Putin’s tools.

This is all arm-chair psych 101, but I think for people like him the absolute worst thing imaginable is to be made foolish, so he has to pretend that he’s been in control the whole time, no one used him, and the reason WL has turned into an explicit propaganda wing of the Russian government & Trump is because that’s what Assange wanted, not because anyone else steered him there.

I also think he would and will just straight-up lie about things like Seth Rich to throw red meat to the Trump mob. Can you imagine this asshole sitting in front of Congress giving testimony about how Seth Rich provided him information and told him he was worried about HRC having him killed? Unfortunately, I can.


People have a short memory. Whatever you think of his involvement in the 2016 election, he and Wikileaks did some great work exposing the dirty secrets of the US and other corrupt actors around the world. I seem to remember some praise and sympathy for Assange here a while ago. I understand why Assange did what he did in 2016 – Clinton and the Obama administration went after him for journalism and wouldn’t let go of it, despite commuting the sentence of one of his sources. Whatever you think of his ego and somewhat-rightful paranoia, citizens of the US and the rest of the world owe him and those he blazed a trail for a huge debt. I think the perfidy shown here in these comments is pretty disgusting, when before this community was full of praise. We have a continuing and worsening problem with corruption in the US and, I for one, want him and especially, others like him, on our side. He’s made hard choices, but if you put yourself in his position, what would you do? (Thanks in advance for all the “take a shower”, “clean the bathroom”, and “feed the cat responses”.)


Farking arsehole.


I’d use a condom, and only on someone awake.


Have you not been paying attention? The dude is a POS.

He’d sell his own mother.


Oh, I dunno; maybe not be a useful tool for Putin?


So finally there are consequences for not cleaning the cat box. Every parent should take note and tell their children that if you don’t do your chores and keep tidy that Ecuador will kick you out of their embassy.


Enemy of my enemy is my friend. How do you feel about Snowden? Should he have gotten asylum in Russia? He, too, did a valuable service to our country and the citizens of the world and assholes like Clinton won’t treat him like the hero he is.


I’m surprised people are so personally passionate to crucify the most important publisher of government corruption in history. Is BoingBoing where bankers and war profiteers hang out? It slightly resembles a hate rally.


When someone who once did a good thing turns to doing lots of terrible, destructive things that help make world a crueler and more dangerous place, it makes sense to change your opinion of them.