Ed Piskor wins Eisner Award


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Congrats!!! Well deserved


Wow, congrats! Hip hop, can’t stop!


I live in nearby Greensburg now but born in Pittsburgh, and lived in suburbs most of my life.
Went to college in Pittsburgh at Pitt.

I consider myself a Pittsburgher, and I visit the city several times each month.

Ed Piskor is one of the many things wonderful about my city- happy to congratulate! It’s well earned.

Ed, you actually got me reading comics again. Hip Hop Family Tree is fucking brilliance on a page.
Somebody buy this man a beer!


Harvey Pekar’s brother?



props, son!


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer and more deserving guy, congratulations!


Well deserved! HHFT is what I look forward to most on Tuesdays. Congrats!


Kudos and great work @Ed_Piskor I buy all your stuff on Comixology, it is amazing. You guys should too.


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