Whodini's Album Escape Goes Platinum


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Piskor delivers again, thanks man!

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I just want to say. I love these. I hope I haven’t missed any. When I grow up* I’m going to buy all the comics.

My introduction to Hip Hop was buying Peoples Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm in my first year at university in 1991. I’d heard “Ham ‘n’ Eggs” and “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” and liked them. Plus my buddies were into it too so it had to be good. Ever since I’ve strongly leaned towards the Native Tongues rather than gangsta side of hip hop but I love reading all this background stuff.

*Living in Japan, my wife has the credit card in her name so I have to be extra careful what I buy.

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Another Japan resident eh? Off topic but its no longer as hard to get a credit card here as it used to be. I’ve had several in my name for going on 10 years now. It helps if you have permanent resident status (which you can get if you are married a few years) but it isn’t required, I got mine when I was still on a spouse visa. You can also order Hip Hop Family Tree off amazon japan and pay COD or cash at your local combini.

I wasn’t in to Hip Hop, but I really enjoy these strips. They are full of fun and enthusiasm for the subject.

I never thought of looking there. Just the free postage rather than international to JP would make it more attractive. :slight_smile:

English edition is here. There is a Japanese edition out as well.

Thanks. That kinda blows my mind that there’s a Japanese edition already. Cool.

I posted some observations about it a while back.

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