"Edge of the Knife" is a Canadian film made in a language spoken by only 20 people in the world


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As a bit of an aside; Toronto Public Library is offering introductory language lessons for children (not just First Nations children) in a number of Indigenous languages, taught by First Nations instructors. An interesting contrast to the last century when institutions in Canada tried to eradicate Indigenous languages, and a way of preserving those languages by disseminating them widely.


You know Canada I believe has a program that sponsors media for First Nations. I stumbled on a super hero based cartoon, and it was primarily in one of the native languages. I wish I could have stuck with it, but it was just so bad on every level animation, story, and voice wise. Sorry. But I do hope they keep supporting such projects.

My cousin (not sure how he fits - his grandma and my grandpa were siblings) teaches Pottawatomie and speaks it pretty well. I only remember a few words, like “bozho” which is “hello”.


There is also APTN, the First Nations tv network, with a lot (all?) of original programming


I’ll really respect the film if they release it WITHOUT SUBTITLES.


It is part of a wider push to preserve the Haida language, including a new dictionary and recordings of local voices.

There was a similar thing with Gaelic a couple decades ago. It was in danger of dying out, there were so few remaining native speakers, until a big push in Ireland to keep it alive. This ended up fostering interest in the Scots, Welsh, and Manx dialects as well, and now the language is almost common- albeit as a second or third one for most speakers.


A number of years ago, I saw a truly excellent movie directed, produced, written and acted by Inuits, Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner. I was blown away by how epic it was. I hope this film will be similar. Not sure where I can find it now, though.

It was also subtitled, but in Inuktitut, a more widely spoken language.

I hope this movie will be as good.


I love that movie! It was a great story.

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Stuff for adults would be nice too. I’m trying (with not a lot of) to learn Kanien’kéha through an app.


probably “at the Bay”.

(not Hudson’s.)


my copy of this book just arrived! much excite!


That sounded strangely familiar. Not that I understood a single word, or heard anything in Haida ever before.
Are there any linguists around that can weigh in?

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