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I find it all too easy to accidentally compose a reply to whoever posted earlier in a thread when I meant to reply to the topic. Or sometimes I make the opposite mistake.

One solution is to delete the old post and re-create the post with the proper reply attribution, but that is likely to trigger a “Body is too similar” message, plus it leaves the “24 hours” stub hanging around.

Might it be feasible to provide some means of altering whether a message is a reply to another message or not?

Yes this is already possible – just click or tap the reply button you want to change it to, and it will change, provided you have not submitted the reply yet.

Notice the line above the editor which says

reply to post #316 by Jorpho

it will change to

reply to {title of topic}

if you tap the reply button on the topic while the editor is open. It will change to

reply to post #40 by foo

if you tap the reply button on a different post.

[quote=“codinghorror, post:2, topic:41433”]provided you have not submitted the reply yet.[/quote]Well, yes, that’s the thing – usually I only notice after I’ve replied.

No, it’s not possible to change this after the post has been submitted.

Unless one has access to 1.21 gigawatts of electricity and a certain vehicle…


Or if you’re Percival Dunwoody.


I was having a problem with understanding until I read that as ‘Jiga-watts’.


Wouldn’t an idiot like him get caught in an infinite loop of errors?


unrelated, but is it weird that we’ve recently be watching MacGyver and gifs of Richard Dean Anderson keep showing up on here this week…

If I can think of a way to put a Stargate gif in a thread, I’ll do it.


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