Edith speaks in Ubbi-Dubbi

https://youtu.be/4vKcBKVzTCw [Video Link]“Hi friends! See this! This is an Ubbi Dubbi magic kite.” – Edith, from the greatest kids’ show ever, Zoom (1972 - 1978). READ THE REST



“Come on and zoom, zoom, zooma, zoom”! I loved that show but never did master Ubbi-Dubbi.

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I wonder if the NSA has broken this form of crypto?

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Greatest kid’s show ever was Wonder Showzen.

No, that’d be Doctor Who.

Huhbi, guhbuys! Uhbi spuhbeak fluhbuuhbent Ubuhbuhbi Duhbuhbubi, thuhbanks tuhbo thuhbat shuhbow!

(Translation) Hi, guys! I speak fluent Ubbi Dubbi, thanks to that show!

There’s always a “one of us!” moment when I meet someone else who does too. Everyone else looks at us like we’re idiots. Which we probably are. But happy, nerdly idiots.

I bought the only Zoom videos I could find:

I ripped and encoded it (come on, silver plastic discs? what the hell is that) and will be deploying it on my progeny tonight.

Video quality is about what you’d expect from a show in the late 70s, I suppose.

edit: He loved it. I wish we could get more of these. Kids love to watch other kids, and the Zoom kids are so obviously having a ton of fun.

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