Say good morning to Do Bee!


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The transition from Miss Louise to Miss Mary Ann was a traumatic one for me. . .


There will never be a day that I can’t groove to the number count from Sesame Street/The Electric Company:

JFC it’s still so good!


Why did all these kids shows seem perfectly normal to me as a kid, but now, as an adult, they are finely crafted nightmare fuel?




God the 70’s was a good time for educational television.


They never said my name.

No, I’m not bitter, you are.


And thus you were able to keep your immortal soul. :wink:


There was an upside after all!


waves forlornly from the Abyss


Family Guy version


Eh? Why’d ya wake me up?


Well, I for one remember being creeped out that she was seeing me with that magic mirror thing :japanese_ogre:


When I see Do Bee for the first time in about 40 years, I imagine it in some sort of city-leveling smash-up with Big Boy.


I watched the show, too. The happiest moment of my young life was when I was allowed to sit in on a taping of the show. My best friend Aaron was one of the kids on it and he (or more likely, his parents) invited me to watch. It was soooo cool. Unfortunately, I don’t remember anything about it at all except that I loved it.


I love how Do Bee’s brothers appeared on that episode of “What’s Happening.”


Pointer Sisters!


That taught me what was “funky” even before I could spell the word.


Remember how the Romper Room lady could see you through the television?

Welcome to the surveillance state, kids!


Another Do Bee with significant moral lessons (it is about the 1994 election in South Africa):