EFF busts podcasting patent, invalidating key claims at Patent Office




Shining sunlight on patent trolls, turning them to stone!



so if I get a patent on patent trolling, can I sue the patent trolls for infringement?



Continue fighting the good fight EFF.


That picture is clearly of a goblin. Boing Boing should be ashamed at its lack of journalistic integrity.


“Claims that its failed 1990 cassettes-by-mail business is the same thing as podcasting”… Well I guess it’s a type of journalistic integrity, to advertise that you have no domain expertise and what you write comes from a zero knowledge base. It saves the time of anyone who understands the patent system, who might otherwise be tempted to read on.


Do go on.


welcome to boingboing! do feel free to read and comment on other posts as well as put likes on comments you find interesting.


That’s a big an important win for EFF. They’ve always done such important work but this really demonstrates how important it is to the average consumer. Everyone ought to contribute, but really we need to see more industry support of EFF because without them, things would be a lot worse and a lot more corporate on the Internet.


You took my line!


I spent 1975 in a camper van in Europe with my parents. We recorded messages on cassette and mailed them home for the family. So we invented pod casting and you all owe us money.


No, but you might get slapped with a copyright violation for that moldy old joke.


My brother and I who grew up in different place exchanged “podcasts” on cassettes in the 70’s, with music and all, so he’s a bit late for that patent.


Exactly. It’s easy to complain about bogus patents and talk about how they should be invalidated due to prior art or obviousness. It’s another matter to systematically dismantle bad patent claims in front of an administrative judge with documented research, sworn depositions from relevant experts, etc. That takes a dedicated team of good lawyers, and costs money.

Edit: I put my money where my mouth is and donated to the EFF.


I understand there’s a movement in the games journalism area that Needs Your Help!


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