EFF is hiring an activist


I’d so apply for that…if I weren’t currently on the other side of the world, working on a PhD. Where was this job when I was looking for stuff in the bay area and in a job I hated?

As far as the EFF defending “pirates”, I think that is a matter of perspective. I believe that copyright was created in order to allow creators to make a profit for a limited time and contribute to the public good, i.e. “To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors…”.

Corporations subverting our government processes and stealing from the Public by capturing works created by authors and inventors and then keeping them for the life of the original creator plus 70 years is pretty much my definition of theft. For practical purpose the current time limit is indefinite. Any contribution to the culture won’t become public for three or four generations! In reality the time limit is actually indefinite as it is lengthened anytime it gets close to expiring. This is subversion of our government and theft from every single citizen on a massive scale. I would argue that the EFF fights against “pirates”, except that calling these companies “pirates” frankly doesn’t capture the scale of the theft or the inhumanity of the corporations.

I’m applying for this job, and have just finished writing up my CV and cover letter.

Do you have any advice or thoughts, Cory?

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