Public Domain Day 2014: bad times ahead, urgent action needed


People who are fighting over slices of a shrinking pie tend to get vicious as they get desperate. Are kids today ready to pony up hundreds of dollars for Beatles box sets? Will their kids? All the new rules do is hasten the day when the Beatles are irrelevant - a sad thing, but it’s not irreversible.


Now, I realise you’re trolling here but copyright isn’t an inherent human right, and was originally granted by the ruling body of the day in order to encourage creators to continue to create by protecting their work for a limited time. After a while that protection fell away and their creations joined the public domain where it could be copied, or adapted to better enrich the presiding culture in general.

What you’ve done is create a strawman argument which isn’t comparable. The correct analogy would be, what if house designs were tossed into the public domain after 50 years? To which I would reply, “Seems like a sound idea. Let’s do that for books and films as well. Hey, why 50 years? Why not 25 years or less?”


I think I can safely say we’re fucked.

Viz, 119 comments on Cory’s NY resolution about typing caps in brand names, versus three (now four) here, one of which is complete balderdash.

Maybe the article could suggest how we fight Copyright maximalism? Writing to my Congressman doesn’t seem to help much, since I’m not attaching the thousands of dollars of campaign funds that the big media conglomerates can. How does one compete with Disney when the metric of success is money delivered around reelection time?

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