EFF to court: don't let US government prosecute professor over his book about securing computers

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/30/eff-to-court-dont-let-us-go.html


Linky to Court documents about the case, hosted at EFF: https://www.eff.org/cases/green-v-us-department-justice


Does anybody actually benefit from this law, aside from maker of weak and inferior code? They may have a pretty good lobby in the short run, but there’s no way that can last. It’s nice to be able to dodge blame when you get hacked, but it’s even nicer to not get hacked. How long will it be before business figures this out?


I imagine it hasn’t kept too many researchers from hacking away, but if anyone’s benefitting it would be the black hats selling zero day exploits.


So could you explain this “freedom of speech” thing to me again?

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So is there some kind of petition, or a way to donate to his legal expenses.

does anybody actually benefit from the DMCA? printer manufacturers who put electronic locks in their ink cartridges, hollywood who made sure DVDs have electronic locks in them, automobile manufacturers whose computers on wheels have proprietary code they’d like others not to re-use or tinker with, medical device manufacturers, video game console manufacturers, etc.

and the lawyers. when it comes to laws like this, the real winners are definitely the lawyers.

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