EFF's guide to talking to your Congresscritter

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How likely are they to verify if you are a registered voter in their district? My friend has a lot of free time. I think I could convince him to spend some of it on bugging his congressional reps. But he says he won’t register to vote because its a public database and he’s made an substantial effort to keep his name disassociated from his residential address. Are they going to look him up to see if he’s registered and blow him off if he’s not on the polls?


Your friend seems chill.

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or from wealthy patrons.

My inner only-nazi would require the ‘only’ to relocate to before the word ‘their’, if that’s what Falcon is trying to say. OTOH, as it stands, I suppose the meaning could cover both, as in “they only want to hear from their constituents but will allow themselves to be approached by the wealthy”.


Apparently his wife’s ex is a stalker, and a sociopath and rich enough to make their lives shit at a whim. Guys like that are not restrained by the courts. So they try to keep out of the public record.

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Here in Texas my Senators and congressman have actually told me I’m wrong.


It’s funny how the right thinks everything will work out fine for them. This is a dividing point in US history. They chose an extremist path and think people will go along for “A New Morning in America” like Reagan achieved. NEVER. This clown is no Reagan. My children understand that this man is evil. More than half the nation understand this. There will never be a middle-ground with this monster. Every decent father would shoot this pervert before letting their daughter in a room with him. It is time for New England and New York to separate and become a new nation. Let’s put a wall south of New York and gain peace and happiness. Aside from the west coast, the rest of the country is hopelessly fascist.

My reps are all Democrats, and they already seem inclined to oppose the extreme overreaches that the Right are proposing. Should I still make the effort to call them?

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Yes, because it’s going to be a long and gruelling fight. They need all the moral support we can provide, and to know that we approve.


More to the point, they need to know that they’ll be up against the fucking wall if they continue the corrupt bullshit that created this mess.

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Yes, please. Thank them for opposing and encourage them to keep opposing.


I don’t imagine they do any sort of verification; all residents of their district are constituents, whether or not they are registered voters. It’s possible they may look at the area code of the incoming phone call, but whether you are registered or not is immaterial.

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Something I’ve learned the last few weeks.

If is is anything like mine, your local Democratic Party office would really like your help.

And/Or, teach you about stuff, like lobbying, writing letters to the editor, and general advocacy work.

And they’ll probably be awestruck if you want to run for local office.

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