Every congresscritter now has an email address, thanks to Sunlight and EFF



Especially in election years, I approve of this.


This is pretty much the same way IP/torrent complains are filed at my ISP. Just a silly form that gets filled out, and in goes the poop.

It’s unlikely that these congresscritters are setup to manage this level of “interaction” even less will they understand “where” or “whom” these messages pertain to.

It’s a fantastical idea though, it’ll atleast force them into some cognizance of what the Internet (big I) means.

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I kind of doubt that. They have complete freedom to ignore the EFF, and certainly let an intern answer most email with canned replies. I wonder how many of them even know about this new address?

Right, but the internet is a fanciful place, full of robots bent on the destruction of sanity.

I get that they’re going to do a good faith attempt to filter this glorious pipe, but if it works as they believe it will, it’ll likely become a mass of verbal diarrhea that those who Grok The Internet know is always a Steisand effect away.

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The address itself isn’t checked by a human. All emails are automatically entered into whatever webform the appropriate congresscritter is already using. They’re still free to ignore it, of course, but it comes to them through the same channel as anything else.


Write, call, email or go visit in person. Communicate with your Representatives and you never know what effect it might have. It certainly can’t hurt, and doing none of those things will ensure that your wishes aren’t known.

88% of Congressional staffers say that their bosses' decisions are affected by constituent email.

Aside from the fact that anything under 100% is actually dismayingly low, the statistic is so chunky (i.e., non-granular) as to be meaningless. A Congressman might be swayed by emails to show up to vote for National Pomeranian Awareness Week while ignoring all the “Get us the hell out of Afghanistan” and “Pass an amendment to nullify the Citizens United decision” messages, and that would count towards that 88%.

Lets be more pedantic: Any politician stating anything other than 100% does not understand the word affected

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