Senator on Internet privacy committee has never sent an email


This guy wants to be The President Of The United States.

I wonder if he could pass the grueling Magistrate Test that’s required in his home state of South Carolina? (Heavy Hitter stuff … like tell time, break a dollar, correctly distinguish between Dick, Jane & Spot … etc.)


To be fair, he’s just being consistent with all the other similar scenarios, such as having climate change-deniers on science or environment-related committees, former corporate lobbyists working as regulators over their former (and future) employers, and wealthy politicians pretending to represent their poor and middle class constituents.


Agreed. It’s a head-smacker, but not without precedent.

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Don’t forget all those men telling women what to do with their bodies.


All that science’y stuff really f’s up poor little Lindsey’s brain pan…

Exactly. It’s pretty much tradition that our representatives are those least qualified to represent.

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Christ, even Ted ‘series of tubes’ Stevens had his staff sending him internets, when the tubes weren’t clogged by enormous amounts of material…


I think “enormous amounts of material” has a fighting chance to become the new “just look at it

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politics - officially as worthless as sports and does the same job - getting people hyped up / upset for something they have virtually no control of, but pick a side anyway!


The article is taking the wrong angle on this. I don’t think this guy is a technophobe or a Neanderthal. This guy likely fully understands how email works and how powerful a written email is.

The linked interview was about about Hillary Clinton’s email activities. In some minds, Hillary’s mistake wasn’t using her own email server; it was writing things down. Now someone with access to that email archive can access a written and timestamped account of who said what and when, and use that information for purposes good or bad.

Things that are written down can be brought up years later to haunt a person, especially a politician in election mode. “Give me six lines written by the most honorable of men, and I will find an excuse in them to hang him” – Cardinal Richelieu. Or things that are written down can be use to hold a person accountable for things she/he has said and done in the past.

I think this politician fully understands how email works, but he chooses not to use it. Perhaps he chooses not to use it to minimize a paper trail and avoid scenarios where his written words can be used against him (either maliciously as per Cardinal Richelieu or for accountability as per democracy).

This has nothing to do with technology literacy and everything to do with accountability and transparency in a democracy.


The irony though; that he’s mad that she didn’t use official State Dept. e-mail, wants to know what she really said via e-mail, but doesn’t trust the State Dept. to reveal what she actually said. How would his “trust” have changed at all, regardless of what e-mail system she used?

never sent an email

Maybe he lurks.


I think those enormous amounts of material were mostly composed of santorum…


Don’t forget an IRA apologist as chair of the Homeland Security Committee. Peter “If civilians are killed in an attack on a military installation, it is certainly regrettable, but I will not morally blame the IRA for it.” King!


I don’t think this guy is a technophobe or a Neanderthal. This guy likely fully understands how email works and how powerful a written email is.

That sounds just like the kid in elementary school bragging he knows how sex works because he read about it in his mother’s Cosmo magazine.

The linked interview was about about Hillary Clinton’s email activities

But this discussion here is about the fact that the sitting Senator who is deciding the guidelines surrounding the future of the Internet, including the freedom from snooping or malicious actors (or both, in the case of the entertainment industry) has never written an email, 15 years after email was considered mainstream. The rightful lambasting of Hillary was in a different [thread][1]. (I’m sure that you, being new to BBS, must have missed it last week).

I think this politician fully understands how email works, but he chooses not to use it.

[citation needed]. Unless you know or work for the Senator personally?

The next time you see him, ask him to explain the basics of the SMTP protocol and its various shortcomings in the modern area; or maybe he could tell me the differences IMAP and POP3 protocols and the ramifications of some of the proposed IPv6 additions that could affect them. I’m sure it’s come up in his committee before.

This has nothing to do with technology literacy

Actually, it does. See above.
[1]: Hillary Clinton exclusively used private email account while conducting official secretary of state business


I’m guessing that 90% of email users have no interest or knowledge of that level of detail. The senator surely could type and send an email if he chose to, but he’s smart not to create an electronic trail that could come back to bite him. Politicians are especially prone to have people digging through their email history and this guy knows it. Good for him for staying off the grid.

(For those who missed that particular meme because of the language barrier:

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  1. The quote I responding to said “fully understands how email works”.
  2. He’s not a “user”, he’s a sitting Senator who passes laws and governance regarding the Internet, which also happens to include email.
  3. Do you know why politicians’ emails are prone to be “dug through”? Because they’re public servants and their official correspondence is part of the public record.

I’m not even going to get into wondering how he conducts his business if it’s not through email and what he would be doing that he’s afraid of coming back to biting him.


I’m guessing that he has someone who emails for him.