Hillary Clinton exclusively used private email account while conducting official secretary of state business


Sooooo - what was her username? Any guesses?

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I haven’t quite thought through the implications, but it seems more public servant behavior should involve jail time.


I wonder if this is just one of those cases where someone stubbornly clings to the email address they’ve been using since they first went online even when their employer tries to get them to use a new one.

My guess is "hillaryrodham@aol.com".


Four years?! What is wrong with people?


At least part of me fails to see the problem… it’s email, no? Like they hadn’t already read them?


Yeah, they should just ask the NSA for the archive.


Oh you were just a little too fast for me on this one.

Hey remember when Karl Rove did the same thing? And when they accidently deleted them all? And the back ups? Good times. Good times.

Oh and didn’t the email/tech guy have a single engine plane crash? Nah, not related.

Connell’s was also the hand behind the Web site for the notorious Swift Boat Veterans’ for Truth smear campaign against John Kerry and GWB43.com, the secret e-mail account used by Rove and dozens of other White House staffers.


I heard somewhere that she’s called the Lockheed senator or something similar.

Some animals are more equal than others.


She seems like a hotmail loser type.


Was her email address some kind of secret during this time? How is it that no one asked this question while she was using it?


Don’t worry the CIA has a “backup”.

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In all seriousness, the NSA have a backup and should be required to supply it’s contents to be archived. I assume they have all the missing Rove emails too.


Nah, he is probably on that island with number six always getting fouled up by number two and those weird bubbles, I hear Bill and Hillary sent hundreds of people there.

Watch out @Spocko!


Finally, something for Fox News to talk about besides Benghazi.

Maybe Hillary could use all the exact same excuses the Bush administration guys used, verbatim, and see how that plays.


She will, and it will work just fine. This won’t gain any traction, as she is going to be President, and she’d be a bad enemy to have. With the IRS and other agencies pretty openly being used as political cudgels, it’s not safe to press TPTB too hard on their “bending” of the rules.
(and yes, I suppose there is some slight chance that Elizabeth Warren could replace Hilary, but only if Hilary decides she’s herself she’s not going to run


Oh and didn’t the email/tech guy have a single engine plane crash? Nah, not related.

Oh why did you have to go all Arkansas Flu?

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I am 100% on board with transparency; but in my time in the public sector, where our philosophy and training was to never do anything that we did not want printed on the front page of the local newspaper; lead to us to simply not documenting in any form of writing or even discussing in any group controversial matters. Not that there is much controversy in fire/rescue and EMS but we did self censor and always had two witnesses in addition to the commanding officer for unfortunate official events like disciplinary type meetings or terminations where the file was generally kept private. ‘Knock it off’ type unofficial or pre-official warnings were always one on one and obviously deniable by both parties.
For the US State Department, when with partisan appointments based on campaign donations(most ambassadorships are for sale in the US) there are obviously going to be corrupt and partisan motivations above and beyond the needs of the people of the US. Who actually expects these type of questionable communications to make it into official channels?
At least Secretary Clinton did it all off of her official account rather than having the deniability of a clean State email while back-channeling the dirty stuff.