How a poorly explained mistake continues to threaten the political career of Hillary Clinton

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The joy I will take from seeing Madam President flow from the TEAGOP’s snarling pie-holes will be delicious.


I think that the number of people who actually care that she doesn’t care is roughly the same as the number of people who desperately want a reason for her not to be able to serve if elected. Speaking as a computer geek who understands the issue pretty well, I could not give a rat’s ass whether she regrets setting up the server. She did exactly what I would have done in the same situation. The difference between her and me is that I would have been more paranoid, but that’s because I’m a security geek. She is not. She totally gets a pass from me on this.


It doesn’t matter what Hillary Clinton says about it. Nothing she could say would make any difference.

The point is today’s media lives and dies on conflict, and for a person who has been vilified in conservative media for the past three decades, nothing brightens their lives quite like a hint of scandal that be can dragged out and milked for months and years. They can phone it in, expounding on innuendo while viewers at home lap it up and rage.

Benghazi, a Bumfuck, Nowhere town in Libya, is a word in my browser’s dictionary because it has been talked about exhaustively to tarnish Hillary Clinton for the last 4 years (by the GOP’s own unwitting admission) in spite of no evidence of wrongdoing since the incident in 2012 and 6 separate inquiries that exonerated Clinton.

This email story is just the same old tune that will be played for the next four years, unless something more scandalous comes along.


BS. She went with a home server to bypass the FOIA. It’s the same reason the Bush admin ran everything through RNC servers. The whole, “I only wanted to carry one device” is a bullshit smokescreen. Look, I plan on voting for her, but let’s not pass this off as a decision akin to your grandparents using a password of “password”. She knew what and why she did what she did.


You would have been wrong too, then. There is a reason for rules being what they are - there has to be a record of officials communicating. She got around the rules, like others probably did as well (I’m sure plenty of officials in the past sent letters from PO boxes or equivalent subterfuges); the difference is that she was caught.

The hypocrisy from all sides, on this subject, is astonishing, but she’s clearly not paid any penalty for flouting rules and that’s simply Wrong.




Flaunting that she is flouting the law?


What penalty would you suggest for Clinton [and Bush, and Powell, and Rove, etc]?


Corrected, tnx


“Caught” implies she did something illegal. She didn’t do anything several people in the Bush administration got a complete pass over.


That’s not for me to decide. I would personally drag Rove, Bush Powell to The Hague, but for something a bit worse than office skulduggery.


GWB and friends were Wrong in the same way she is. One could argue that she was “more wrong” because she did it after it was made pretty clear that it was a dick move, but tbh, I don’t think that’s the case – being as wrong as GWB was, is already quite damning, in my book.


Bush and friends were way worse, lost 22 millions emails regarding the Iraq war itself and all the decisions into that clusterfuck we’re still unraveling, simply refused to participate in any inquires into the matter, and got off scott free.

And with all the inquires into Clinton’s emails which she actually testified to and actually participated in the investigations into them, and was actually judged by the head of the FBI to not warrant further investigation, I’m supposed to feel MORE outraged that justice hasn’t served compared to what the Bush crew did?

Are you fucking serious?


Nah, feel free to feel EQUALLY outraged. GWB and friends should be prosecuted harder, imho.


I literally know someone who was fired for forwarding a spreadsheet with client into to her gmail so that she could work on it from home. And it wasn’t a “last straw” type thing – she had a great reputation and years of solid performance reviews. I might get some hate replies here, but I don’t have much sympathy for Clinton on this one. I’m still voting for her though.


I get that you feel strongly about this, but the fact that I don’t doesn’t mean I am wrong. It just means that I don’t feel strongly about it. Of all the things in the world that one might spend emotional energy on, why this one? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not really because you care about the email server. Dig deeper and you will find the true source of your feelings. :slight_smile:

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That was a fucking disgrace, too. Also, she should have learned from that scandal.

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I don’t believe she didn’t know, but I also believe many things people claim about Trump. The point is, even if she didn’t know, it WAS HER JOB TO KNOW. Just this makes her unqualified for this position. Same as Trump is not qualified because of number of other reasons.
She put lives of many agents in the field in danger. Her server was certainly compromised by foreign spies.
It is sad that American people have to choose between Clinton and Trump. Can’t say who’s worse between two of them.


Her server was probably compromised, (although that hasn’t been determined conclusively). The state department servers were definitely compromised