But Her Emails: Ivanka Trump used personal email account for messages about her government work


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Prepare for some weapons grade hypocrisy in 3… 2… 1…


Don’t worry, I am certain Trey Goudy will be all over this…


Resisting temptation to say HELO to port 25.




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Does this actually surprise ANYONE? And of course there was classified or corrupt shenanigans going on there… ffs NostraDumbass has two Apple iPhones that are NOT secure and our intelligence services are pretty sure the Russians and Chinese are listening in on the ‘president’s’ comms.

I knew a guy who worked for GWB in the early 2000s and they had a whole code for when to take comms offline so as not to be recorded for guv transparency and record retention. Iraq War II was all about oil btw (according to this guy).


But It’s OK If You Are Republican™… you’re on the Jesus Ordained® Winning Team™. Everything goes in the ongoing battle to Make America Great Again™, Bring Back Glory to Our White People®.



Well, Jared Kushner, her husband, got caught doing this last year: https://www.politico.com/story/2017/09/24/jared-kushner-private-email-white-house-243071




Lock her up?

Not really - multiple people in the Trump White House have already been caught doing this. In fact, I suspect they all have done it.


I’m sure that Trey Gowdy will get right on this.


Let’s see how many thousands of words, column inches and months the NY Times will devote to the subject.


Ms. Trump did not create a private server in her house or office


Russia, if you’re listening.


This changes EVERYTHING!


Hilary had an “email server in the basement”. These are always the funniest lines in the Hilary email stories. It’s in the bathroom, or down in the basement. She probably don’t even keep the lights on either! Why the deplorables think it matters where you put a computer server is laughable. But you can almost guarantee the idea that’s it’s down in the basement means it must be bad.


I hope that she never CC’ed Hillary because that Hillary can’t be trusted with email regardless of what hours and hours of her Congressional testimony showed.


Yeah because having a GoDaddy account on a shared server is soooooooo much more secure! Snort.