FBI gets warrant to search Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin's email


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Really Director Comey; that’s a lot of work just so you can get copies of some dick pics you’ve been jonesing for.


If there was anything incriminating to be found, the Russians would have already leaked it. This is a nothingburger.


Do they really think this is going to change anyone’s mind? Like, it’s clear this has nothing to do with anything relevant.


It’s totally baffling to me… what this seems to do is to throw everybody into a tizzy and sow chaos in the middle of an election season, as well as make Comey look like an impulsive, cowardly ass with poor judgement and little regard for established norms.


I’m sure this time they will find something.


No, not really. I’m not in a tizzy, and Secretary Clinton doesn’t sound like she is either. Devoted Hillary-haters are thrilled because maybe this time, unlike the last 300 times, they really will find the Smoking Gun.

But nobody else seems to be in a tizzy, except the media who are paid time-and-a-half for tizzy.


Harry Reid definitely seems to be in a tizzy. He’s accusing Comey of influencing the election by covering up evidence of Trump’s ties to Russia while leaking this email stuff. Looking forward to a wild week.


Well it’s been a huge bump to Trump in the FiveThirtyEight model.


Are you a urologist?


I thought Hillary needed all the votes she could get, or is that just fear propaganda from Rah Rah Team Blue?

A lot of people buy into this stuff, especially if they only watch Fox News. This will take the election from near-blowout to way tighter than it should be. I think my prediction of 310-227-1 Clinton/Trump/Johnson may be right after all. It will be close, but Clinton’s got this.


When they are investigating police shooting unarmed people, they can’t release video because it’s “an ongoing investigation.” When it’s a political hit job, they can release things without even getting a warrant first!


I don’t think a 18% chance to win to a 21% is a huge bump, it’s a bump but 3% isn’t huge especially considering on October 1st they had him a 32% to win.


I don’t think so. Trump’s numbers were already trending up before Friday afternoon, Silver’s interpretation was that its republicans “coming home” maybe because there hasn’t been any more bad news for Trump in the last week or so.

And I don’t think there many polls with data from after the FBI’s friday announcement out yet either.


Ohio, Iowa and Arizona are all now mildly Rep in 538’s model.


I doubt Ohio and Iowa will go red, but Arizona might.


And if by “Smoking gun” you mean Weiners penis than you may be on to something.


Apparently Ken Starr’s schedule cleared up recently. Coincidence…?


It beats a dead horse race?