FBI clears Clinton: "new" emails were duplicates, irrelevant


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Just in time to get zero oxygen from the press.


I’m sure Trump will now issue a heartfelt apology for his groundless accusations about this issue.



But I was being told just yesterday that Clinton was going to be indicted Real Soon Now, possibly before the election! How could this possibly be legitimate??

oh, how I hate this election season…


Yep, not like the press covers national elections though Election Day or anything.


Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!

After a fair trial for an actual crime, right? That’s what we’re chanting? Ah fuck it - just lock her up.



He’ll just issue a statement saying that it was Hillary who made a big deal about the emails in the first place.


She-mail, amirite???


A nice little retirement party is just around the corner for Mr. FBI Director.


I don’t get it. Are you saying this will get oxygen, because there’s still a whole day to go? Or are you agreeing that there’s no time for it to make a meaningful difference before Election Day?


I propose that Obama issue a Presidential pardon to Mr Comey for violating the Hatch Act.


Whether Trump or Clinton wins, it’s hard to see him keeping his job.


That SNL sketch was preeeeeety harsh on em. The morale of the agency is less than good, and is at stake now.

Shall we start a pool? I say Nov 9.



So Janet Reno has died. Or was she murdered by Hillary Clinton?


Something, something, Waco?

Edit: something like this?

cc: @the_borderer


I wish!

But in seriousness, it would come across as retaliatory, even though it’s pretty clear he actually did violate the Hatch Act, as well as ignore guidance from his superiors.

It’s all about appearances, sadly. Which is why he’s going to escape any consequence for his misdeeds.

That is why I propose the Presidential pardon.


I’m thinking he’ll resign shortly after inauguration. Not sure how either presidential candidate could trust him.