Egely Wheel telekinesis -- fact or fiction?

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Spoiler alert:

it’s fiction.


soooo… IR radiative pressure on one side makes the disk spin?
like the radiometers I used to buy as Xmas ornament gifts

put a hot cup of coffee next to it and let’s see what happens?
a magnet? a coil?

EDIT - skipped around, looks like air flow? rats, i was going to use this to power my time machine (and go back and kill Hitler)


Covering his mouth and nose would be a way to see how much breath affects it.

It would be interesting to see what happens if he places both hands near it, too.

“seems to turn faster with my right hand than my left hand!”

Have you been doing any kind of “bio-energy exercises” with that hand recently? Don’t lie.


Isn’t there some rule about headlines that are a question?

I’d provide a useful answer, but there’s a different rule about responding to comments that are a question.

Is there?


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I think there’s a whole thread about it here, right?

Google knows.


No Amazon link?


I’d use mine to go back and date Maureen O’Hara, but I digress …

Without having seen the video: I’t s set to motion by body warmth. There are similar ones that react on light -which is basically the same- and the glass case (containing a vacuum) gave it away.

Edit: The most important fact, of course: There is no fucking telekinesis.

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Experiment 5D - Covering nose and mouth
Observations: at 3:50, experimenter faints from lack of oxygen
Result: Inconclusive


Does energetically performing biological exercises with my right hand count?

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