Egg processing machine supercut


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This is eerily beautiful (and I love the almost 80s new wave soundrack!). On the other hand, not to be a spoilsport or anything, but this is the front end of a system where animals are kept in terrible conditions at the back end.
I’m lucky enough to be in France now, and buying eggs from the farmers, and they are so much better than industrial eggs. They taste better, look better, and… okay, I don’t have any data on this, but I expect they’re more nutritious. And the chickens live an actual life.
Industrialization of food is certainly seductive. I just want to remind readers that it involves cruelty to animals and biological oversimplification of the food itself.


Of course, France is the country that brought us foie gras. :slight_smile:
But, having had the opportunity to have farm eggs in France,
I too greatly prefer them - and you are completely right about
industrialized egg/dairy/meat production.


Sure, machines get the fun jobs and humans get the boring ones.


Well at least they’re using real eggs. Here in the US we have food chemistry, instead.


I break about a third of my yokes or get pieces of shell in them. Obviously I bow to my egg cracking overlord.


I would have liked a look at the mechanism by which the eggs are actually cracked and the contents drained.


Precisely - the main event / whole point of the thing and nothing shown.


The ‘actual life’ they get to live is a couple of months (versus a natural lifespan of 5 to 8 years) before they’re slaughtered the same way as every other chicken. Maybe it feels better to eat the French farm eggs, but those and every single one of the other billions of eggs produced each year are from billions of slaughtered chickens (and an order of magnitude more waste to ‘raise’ them) who have individual personalities, form bonds and want to live. The dairy and meat industries are inextricably connected and lubricated via money, marketing and PR. Just say no to the whole thing.


I love how similar the way it deals with shell waste is to how CNC machining centers deal with chips.


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