Prepare to be mesmerized by this industrial egg-breaking and seperating machine


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I guess the automatic “bad egg detector and deflector” is hidden by the cover of the machine? They wouldn’t let those rotten eggs get in with the good ones, now would they . . .


Why don’t they just use squirrels?

Huh… I guess she was all albumin and no yolk.





No Polish gunman shouting “I’m doing it for the chicks”?


‘How does the Ovo-Tech break eggs??’
‘None of your business!’


The gif was from a different video?


no more baby parts!


You know, back in the '70s Wonka had a machine for that. But I guess with all the layoffs and the Oompa Loompas going on strike, they had to figure out alternative methods when the machines broke down.

It’s what you get for not investing in Loompa capital, and outsourcing most manufacturing overseas.


Didn’t anybody else notice the single egg contaminating the entire batch with its white-shelliness?


Perhaps unrelated, but I saw this short film when I was a kid, and anytime someone talks about industrial egg production it reappears in my brain:






You are in timeout, mister.


Having had to crack eggs for a commercial bakery, I can’t tell you how much this machine turns me on. I personally prefer the two handed crack method:


BUT WHY?!?!?!





[stares @japhroaig in the eyes, and, slowly but surely, pushes an objet d’art off the table]


Not the white elephant!!!




Marvellous machine!


I can’t stop thinking about thousands and thousands of chicken laying eggs relentlessly to feed machines that are faster and faster.

Cool tech, though.