World's most depressing semi-robotic sandwich making factory


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Mmmmm… ham log. I think I know what we’re having for Christmas dinner!

They actually don’t look too bad, but I’d prefer a sandwich that was 100% robot made, because robots.


Get a load of the spring constant on that ham log!



…the schleem is then repurposed for later batches…


No paprika? Silly sandwich robot, you don’t know how to make a sandwich…


I am very distressed to learn that the two sandwich halves packaged in one of those triangular containers at the convenience store come from different sandwiches. I don’t want to be accused of resorting to hyperbole but that is an abomination nearly on par with the sandwich contents themselves.


Pretty sure they’re from the same sandwich. At 4:00 the fully automated one is shown where it grabs one half of each sandwich and rotates it to stack on top of the other half from the same sandwich. At around 4:20 the same operation is shown on the more manual line, where the worker stacks the two halves of the same sandwich together before packaging them.


Whew. I think you’re right. Crisis averted.


My favorite part is at 1:25:


Can you imagine doing this for 8 hours a day for a year? How it’s Made is very good at showing this type of work. For example, the first 4 minutes of this episode is fully automated, then there is a poor soul just patting the chips to align them…


…and then the conveyor belt starts going faster and faster. Poor Lucy can’t keep up. Hilarity ensues!




I’ll see your Lucile Ball and raise you Charlie Chaplain.


Bare hands…huh.


Well, at least these are “real” sandwiches, as opposed to:
(Gallery here)

I’ve read that champagne production requires the services of a remeur, whose joyous task is to quietly wander the racks of bottles giving each one a little turn every eight hours.


One of the things I do like about that show – and I love that show – is that it avoids any sort of editorializing. Not that there’s not editorialize to do, but it leaves it as an exercise for the viewer.


The jolly candy-like button appears to be an emergency stop button, so not real spectacular unless used to stop something spectacular already happening.

The aprons and sleeves combined with bare hands is more puzzling to me.


(I wonder if he ever is tempted to press the jolly, candy like button on the control panel?)

That’s probably used to halt the given operation, on the occasion of your other hand having been removed by the internal works, bleeding all over the slices, etc.

No one wants that sandwich.


I know, right? The dead eyes on those poor souls…shudder

Such a waste of human potential can only be described as society-scale abuse.


Pretty sure they have surgical type gloves - notice the hands look blurrier than the sandwiches.