An overengineered invention to crack open eggs

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Looks like they got the sanitary angle all tied up too.


This or one like it was featured here a while back…

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And to think, I’ve been training with this guy for the past 4 months.



But wait there’s more… For those of you who just want to pay $20…

Seriously, wtf is so hard about cracking eggs?


Aside from old age, which comes for us all, killions of people have various disabilities that interfere with the precision work of cracking an egg cleanly. I’m glad that such devices exist for when I need them. Also, I recently-ish learned about cracking the egg on a flat surface. Changed my life.


In my naivety and youthfully-exuberant bachelor days, I saw a commercial for the Egg Wave, thought about how this would revolutionize breakfast, and bought one. I used it once, realized how hard it was to clean, only adds to the time spent cooking, and promptly threw it away, chalking it up to lessons learned and $20 down the drain.


Relevant Seanbaby:

Or you can use powdered eggs. Just add water!

Plus . . .

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Easy for you, maybe. I can never get it right. Shell in the egg, egg on my hands, etc.

No disability, just a klutz.

I was just watching this video, which discusses the “Clever Cracker” around 8:58 - apparently, even cheaper.

I suppose there’s a certain satisfaction in putting something together yourself – and botching the job, and trying again, and refining your technique, and ultimately expending far more than $5 in labor.

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So, I would need four to match my manly, testosterone shocked ability with egg cracking.

Or well, two, to match my somewhat less manly ability.

I searched YouTube for “Rube Goldberg Egg Cracker”, thinking to post a video here, but the search returned multiple videos, so here’s the search link:

Thanks, Obama!


Note that the Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher is typically only for soft-boiled eggs, tho tbh I haven’t actually tried it on uncooked eggs! We love soft boiled eggs and it makes getting the perfect opening really easy and it is a great physics lesson for the kids (prayin aint gonna open those eggs boy, for that we need SCIENCE!)

I just learned from Jacque or boing boing in the last week or so that the best way to open eggs is to whack em on a flat surface then open up, can even get good at doing it one handed if you practice. Just passed that nugget on to Enkling the Younger.

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Since learning how to crack and open an egg with one hand I can now not do it with two hands.
Why would I pay money to not show off that kind of over-achievement?


You call THAT overengineered?

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Good to know. I almost ordered one back when I learned about it, but I don’t think I’d use it enough and am somewhat averse to unitaskers (even that well-engineered). I think I’ll stick to tapping the egg with a knife.

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Chitty Chitty Breakfast Pickering?

An awesome sequence from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, (loosely) based on the bestselling novel by beloved children’s book author Ian Fleming!

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Still less overengineered than a baby chicken, which is just an invention to crack open eggs from the inside.