10 products that take the annoying parts out of cooking

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#11: Rotato Express


Hum. As someone who worked in high end restaurants for a number of years, most of this looks like a waste of money. Except for the Blue Apron thing. That does look interesting for a household of one. However, my actual aprons are solid black :slight_smile:


#12: The Whole Shebang
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#13: The Rollie

Don’t get me wrong, I think egg cookers can be useful, I even have one, I make boiled eggs nearly daily, and a egg boiler makes it just a tiny bit less cumbersome then a pan on the stove. However, I have not seen a single egg boiler ever that automates the ice-bath cooling* step.

This cooker does not claim to do anything in the way of cooling so I don’t really get the blurb here.

*just run some tap water over the eggs for a minute, no need to involve ice.


Yup. Sharp knives, good pans and a colander that the handles won’t fall off of will trump all of these.


So I could boil an egg for six minutes or steam it for 15?

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I sure miss Boing Boing the way it was back in the times when it was not doing stuff like this.


I am not old enough to remember that Golden Age.


Not sure what annoying part of cooking is taken away by a Millenium Falcon ice cube.


The only one I can really recommend is that popcorn popper. It works so well and is so easy to use that unless you only have popcorn once in a blue moon, it’s a worthwhile purchase. Using it I can generally make a batch with only 1 or 2 unpopped kernels.

Most of the other stuff in this list is too specialized and can be easily replicated by a good knife.


I got a good laugh out’a this one.


I don’t mind BB advertising/selling stuff, but i do mind when it’s for shitty products no one needs. Most of the listed stuff is a bunch of unitasking junk.


What is this “cooling step”? Surely just put eggs in pan, cover with water, and boil the arse out of them (assuming you want them hard boiled)? Have I been doing it wrong all this time?

Getting the exact consistency in the yolk can be finicky, especially if someone is trying to get soft boiled eggs. Hard boiled ones are easier but it can still be easy to overcook them if one isn’t paying attention.

Not sure i’d ever want to buy an appliance to cook eggs for me though.

Oh agreed, if you want to be able to dip soldiers in them, it’s a fine line between raw egg and solid yolk.

But I’m still not clear on this whole “cooling” thing. Is it something you do beforehand, to somehow prepare the egg for boiling? Or do you do it afterwards, to stop you burning your fingers off when you peel them?

The part where you don’t have an excuse to serve drinks in glasses large enough to take a three-inch-wide ice cube.

But stuff the Millennium Falcon! If you follow the link, you’ll see the pack includes a Han-in-carbonite mould! Talk about burying the lede!


Ah that bit. Yeah, it’s supposed to shock the egg and make it a bit easier to peel? I don’t know, i’ve never tried it myself i just dunk them in water until they’ve cooled down.

Edit: Found this:

Here’s the truth: There is no 100% foolproof method for peeling hard-boiled eggs

That link does provide some good tips for increasing one’s success rate however. From the quick read it looks like a fairly comprehensive explanation of why and how to good boiled eggs.